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Icons+Interview Translation!!

Here comes KAT-TUN, Here comes KAT-TUN~ La La~ Kay, i'd better stop!
Today i was in the mood to create icons of the lovable 6 and here they are! Ouh, and i have translated 4 out of 20 questions that KAT-TUN was interviewed in POPOLO Issue 9!!     


1.Do NOT claim,distribute or claim these as yours
2.Do NOT alter the icons in any way
3.Remember to comment!!

KAT-TUN Icons!!


MORE Icons!


Now for the Interview! (note: this is my translation so by any means it may be inaccurate) They are talking abt their opinion of girls~

Question 17: When out on a date, the Girl behaves FLIRTATIOUSLY
Maru: It's okay but not in front of others. We will be looked at on the streets and i don't like that feeling
Ueda: If she overdoes it, it will get all sticky here and there and i hate it. We both should be strict about this
Junno: I'm fine with anything but if we were to be in the middle of the streets, it can be pretty embarrasing! (SMILES)
Jin: Isnt' that good? If she's behaving like that, i can respond. I think it'll be alright. I'm the kind who doesnt mind the attention (!!! omg! =P)
Kame: I don't mind it at all. However, if there's people around and she's flirting more than necessary, it can get pretty annoying so i don't want that to happen!

Question 18: A girl who wants to meet up with you EVERYDAY
Maru: THAT'S GOOD! If you SERIOUSLY like the person, its not WRONG to go to the extent of seeing each other everyday. I want to see her tooo~ (ahaha, that was soo cute of Maru, any girl who gets him is lucky!!)
Koki: I want to see her, that's why! (SMILES) EVERYDAY, EVERYNIGHT, 24 HOURS A DAY just to see her..isnt dat gooood?!! (scary koki!!)
Junno: Don't overdo it. I think theres plenty of time to see each other. We can always ring each other or mail each other and with this, theres really no need to see each other everyday. (but junno, i want to see u everyday!!! =P)
Jin: I don't mind. I REALLY like a girl who is honest with her feelings.
Kame: I don't mind but if im busy then its impossible but that just cold be my selfishness!! Hahaha!

Question 19: A girl who has too many "BOYFRIENDS"
Maru: It cant be helped but if theres tooo many its hard for meee~ I will be sooo insecure!!
Ueda: If its purely frenship, its ok but if i sense something fishy, its definitely as NO. But i think its normal to have frens.. (aww, how sweeet)
Koki: I have never talked about Frenship issues but i dun like the feeling of her having too many guy frens
Junno: I WON'T MIND IT (somehow, his answer is sooo scary. It can mean, he trust his gf ALOT but it could also mean he DOESNT CARE ABT HER AT all......My junno, why are u like this?)
Jin: Too many huh...? To have guy frens is okay even if its not many. I don't want to be the one ending up to have many GF's!!
Kame: I will probably be JEALOUS but if she love to socialise than theres no stopping her, i think....

Question 20: Frankly tell us the type of girl that you like!
Maru: A KIND and GENTLE GIRL! (awwwww)
Ueda: A girl whose strong point is at housework and domestic affairs. Able to clean up her own room would be best! (u lazy guy you!!)
Koki: (lazy to translate!!! sorry! he talks alot!
Junno: (his too!!)
Jin: A BEAUTIFUL BLOND GIRL (SMILES) (omg, is dat superficial? no wonder u are soo improving ur eng!)
Kame: I want a girl who takes her words seriously. If its just, "I LIKE you" i wont accept it. It must come from the heart and the person must seriously mean it. Thats what i think. (ooh, a grown-up KAME!)

Okay!! That's about it!! If i managed to translate more, i will put it up here!!!
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