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[MOD] Fanfic Rules (reorganised)

Please read through the rules carefully before posting your fic, and feel free to ask questions if something is not clear!

General Rules (these apply to all fanfic posts)

  • No fic banners.
  • Rule #14 is applicable to fanfiction just like everything else.
14. Regarding friends locked posts: You can make a "friends locked" post to the community, but if you are posting a link to an entry in your personal journal or to another LJ community, that entry needs to be public. This includes fanfiction links as well. This is a fan community, not a popularity contest. Making people friend you or to join your community just so they can download something from you is rude. Don't do it. However, we will allow it if the linked post remains public for at least three days.

Chaptered Fic Rules (these do not apply to oneshots/drabbles)

  • All chaptered fic should be posted to your own journal/fic community, and can only be linked to here. You can also post them to kattun_fanfics or jent_fanfics and then link to them here if you'd prefer.
  • For every chaptered fic you write, make ONE post to the community (This post will be your 'Master List' for that fic). Please put the words 'Master List' in the entry title.
  • Tag your master list as "fanfiction: masterlists".
  • Whenever you update a chapter for that fic, EDIT the Master List for the story and add in the link to the next chapter.
  • You can post as many chaptered fics as you like, just make sure you only have ONE Master List for each fic.

  • To reiterate, your Master List is the ONLY post you update.

Here is an example of what a fic Master List could look like:

Title: My Story
Rating: PG
Pairing: Jin/Kame
Summary: Give your readers a short summary of your story

Chapter 1 (link to chapter 1)
Chapter 2 (link to chapter 2)
Chapter 3 (link to chapter 3)

UPDATE: Chapter 4 (link to chapter 4)

Fanfic Updates
If you would like your chaptered fic updates to be shared with the community (instead of encouraging your readers to watch your journal or add your master list to their memories), then here's what you do!
  • Once you have updated your Master List, leave a comment in the Weekly Update post (linked in the comm sidebar) using the following format:
Rating (optional):
Pairing (optional):
Summary (optional):
Chapter/s Updated: (link to the new chapter/s)
Link to Master List:
  • Every week, a mod will make a post with all of the different fics updated that week for community members to see.

♥ I think that's everything, but feel free to comment or PM myxstorie if you have any questions!
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