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[graphics] Ueda's solos theme

Hi there. This is actually the first part of my project for Uepi's birthday, that was going on for this week. Each day, starting from last Sunday, I made a post of 5 icons, 3 headers and 1 wallpaper for seven different Uepi solos. Now that this part of the project is done, I thought it wouldn't hurt share it here. :3

If you are interested, please check:

7 Days 'till Ueda's Birthday: RABBIT or WOLF?
6 Days 'till Ueda's Birthday: Haruka Mirai e
5 Days 'till Ueda's Birthday: DICTATOR
4 Days 'till Ueda's Birthday: Ai no Hana
3 Days 'till Ueda's Birthday: Deep Red Drop
2 Days 'till Ueda's Birthday: Marie Antoinette
1 Day 'till Ueda's Birthday: Love in Snow

Second part (a bunch of icons, wallies, banners/headers, and a cake. xD) wil be in my journal tomorrow. :3
Thanks a lot ;*
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    Kamenashi Kazuya: 【 55】icons. 【 04】wallpapers. HERE @ MY LJ


    icons: 【30】 Kamenashi Kazuya. wallpapers: 【03】Kamenashi Kazuya. 【01】Ueda Tatsuya. 【01】Nakamaru Yuichi. 【01】KAT-TUN. HERE @ MY LJ

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