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Akanishi leaving KAT-TUN!!

HI everyone
Can kind of believe it, but it's still kind of sad news.

I thought I would contribute to the information gathering and translate the news from yahoo (with info from sanspo sports news). I think some folks may have already posted a summary of the announcement. I translated it. There may be a few mistakes but I think it's all there. I have included the original article link at the bottom. 


7月17日7時52分配信 (サ ンケイスポーツ)

 米国でソロ活動中のKAT-TUN、赤西仁(26)が正式にグループを脱退し、ソロ活動に移行することが16日、分かった。ジャニーズ事務所のジャニー 喜多川社長が明らかにした。今秋、赤西が全米7都市で行うソロツアーを見た上で最終判断するが、喜多川社長は「彼については米国で成功することしか考えて いない。グループに戻ることは現時点ではない」と断言した。

While working solo in the U.S., KAT-TUN's Akanishi Jin (26) on the 16th made know that he would formally be withdrawing from the group KAT-TUN. Johnny's Jimusho's president Johnny Kitagawa made the announcement. It will be decided officially this fall, after Akanishi completes a 7 city solo tour in the U.S. but, Johnny decided "He is trying to make it in America. At the present time, he will not be returning to the group."

Akanishi wants to be allowed to stand on his own. Johnny finally agreed to let him pursue his dream of trying to be successful in the U.S.

On June 19th and 20th in LA he was able to realize his heart's desire for a solo performance, and in September and October, in places like NY and Vegas, Akanishi will do a 7 city concert tour.

 一方で彼が不在のままKAT-TUNが16日、東京ドームでアジアツアーをスタートさせた。同所に姿を見せた喜多川社長は報道陣に、来年も赤西が米国で ソロ活動を計画していることを明言。
   On the other hand, even in his absence KAT-TUN began their Asia Tour at the Tokyo Dome on the 16th. There, Johnny Kitagawa stated to the press that Akanishi was planning solo work in the U.S. for next year as well.

 その上で「今は米国で成功させることしか考えていない。KAT-TUNを引きずっていてはファンにも申し訳ない」と語り、今秋の全米公演を見極めた上 で、正式に脱退させる意向を示した。
After that he said, "Now he is only thinking of becoming a success in the U.S. We don't want to drag it out for KAT-TUN or the fans." After getting through this fall's U.S. performances, he will formally be withdrawing form the group.

 続けて「米国で失敗したらKAT-TUNに帰っておいでなんて甘いことを言ってはダメ。『かわいい子には旅をさせよ』ではないが、好きな道を思い切りや らさせるしかない」。退路を断ち夢に向かわせる親心だ。
He went on to say, "If he failed in the U.S., it wouldn't be fair to let him come back to KAT-TUN (as if nothing happened). Because he's not a cute child that just went on a trip. He must be able to follow his own path with all his might."

 赤西には、2006年10月に語学留学のためグループを離れてロスへ渡り、07年4月にKAT-TUNに戻った過去がある。喜多川社長は「同じようなこ とは世間(ファン)も許さないだろう」と、ファン感情も考慮の上で決断したようだ。
Akanishi, in October of 2006, left the group for language study in LA, and returned to KAT-TUN in April of 2007 after all that time. Kitagawa-san said "The fan's probably won't be so understanding if the same thing were to happen again," and considering the feelings of the fans he made his decision.

 KAT-TUNの解散については「ない」と明言し、6人の頭文字から名付けたグループ名の「A」が抜けることには「KA」を亀梨和也(24)の「カ」と 解釈して存続させるという。
He said, KAT-TUN is not breaking up, the group's name that comes from the first initial of each name, the 'A' rather than have it left out (when Akanishi leaves) will be attached to Kamenashi Kazuya's 'K' to become 'KA'.

 01年に結成し、06年メジャーデビューしたグループは、人気メンバーの脱退という新たな局面を迎えるが、喜多川社長は「(赤西不在でも5人は)快く受 けて、よくやっている」と評価した。
Formed in 2001, the group officially debuted in 2006, having a popular member leave is a new situation for them but, Kitagawa-san said "(Even in Akanishi's absence, the 5 members) they are moving forward, and doing just fine."

 同社長は青春時代を過ごした米国でエンターテインメント業界に触れ、事務所設立後もマイケル・ジャクソンさんらと交流を持つなど特別な思い入れがある。 「赤西が米国で成功してくれたら、こんなにうれしいことはない」。今後も米修業を続ける赤西を全面サポートする。
The same chief, spent his youth trying to get in to the American entertainment business, after establishing his production company still had strong relationships with the likes of Micheal Jackson.  'If Akanishi is successful in the U.S., this is the only way I can be happy."

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