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[MOD] Petitions here please~

Okay, I love you guys, but...well, while I understand WHY you start a petition, too many of them get really annoying, really fast.

They also clutter up the comm and constantly getting pushed off the page anyway. SO~

To keep things nice and organized (and hopefully less annoying): From now on, all petition links will be posted as a comment in THIS POST. Any petitions found outside of this post will be deleted.

I have already included a couple potential petitions, such as:

"Get (radio station) to play (song)!"
"Bring KAT-TUN to (this country)!"

Find the comment that matches what your petition is about, and reply to it.

When you reply, make sure to include the link to your petition and change the subject to include the relevant information:

original subject: "Bring KAT-TUN to _____!"
your reply subject: Germany
another person's reply subject: England


If there isn't a comment for the kind of petition you've started, leave a comment with the purpose of your petition, and one of the mods will make an appropriate thread.

At the end of each week, we will post a list of any new petitions we get, as well as a link to the ones already going on.

**This includes facebook groups for specific purposes. ie: get Jin to come here/there/etc.**

Suggestions: welcome.
Questions: ask.
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