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[fan project] Let's start a petition to request a DVD of Jin's Star Live

I read that quite a few fans are really desiring a DVD for Jin's solo live, and I think there's something we can do to make the possibility bigger and to feel less regretful later. Better try than doing nothing, right?

Jin said if fans are really really demanding it, he might be able to continue doing the Star Live next year, so Japanese fans are filling forms to request that.

What we can do is to request the DVD, since most of the overseas fans can't make the trip and Johnny's knows there are quite a few overseas fans existing, we do have a reason to ask.

BTW, feel free to spread the message to fandoms in other languages. 

here's the address you can send a postcard to

日本東京都渋谷区渋谷1-10-10 ミヤマスタワーB1F
ジャニーズファミリークラブ 赤西仁「要望」係

Address in Romaji

Akanishi Jin
Johnny's Family Club
Miyamasu Tower B1F
Shibuya 1-10-10
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo-to
Japan 150-8550

Japanese sample

こんにちは、XXです。(put your name instead of XX)

JINのファンで、star liveのDVDを発売することを望んでいます。もし発売したら、ぜひ買いたいです。

(the meaning of the Japanese is:

how to you do, I'm XX

I'm a Jin fan, and I wish his Star Live will be released as a DVD. If it becomes real, I'll definitely buy it. Thank you very much.)

You can also write in English. I think they can read the words "Star Live" and "DVD".

Send them as early as you can and air mail please, cause there are not too many days left. I bet Johnny has to think first and then budget and then blahblah~so it's better for them to receive all the postcards before next weekend.

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