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Concert report 2009.05.20

And here I am again. XD

 WARNING: Written by a Kame-biased fan high on sugar *takes another sip of her huge Japanese Coca-Cola can*. Don't read if you don't like 'm. (Kame bashing will NOT be tolerated, rofl)

I'm still writing the report, so hold on for another 5 minutes. XD

It's going to be a short one though, 'cuz I don't have much to talk about today. XD

Okay, I have to admit that this was the least exciting concert day I attended (FYI, I also went to the May 15 and 18 ones already ^^). As an über-bsed Kame fan, I had such high expectations, especially after I found out that Mercury is actually my "birth planet" (or whatever it's called) (thanks for that, Sere-chan! XD), but I was kind of disappointed after the concert was finished (you'll read why in my report).
One thing that was really awesome, were our seats though: Arena A-Block seats! And we had Koki's attention 10 minutes after the con had started. *laughs* But let's start at the beginning, shall we?

Most parts of the concert stayed the same like the other days, so I'm not going to repeat what I or other people have already written in other con reports. Instead, I'll just give you a summary of interesting things that happened, okay? ^^ (Yes, I'm lazy)

Okay, let's starto~

- As you all know, today's planet was "Mercury" (<3), and the con was directed by Kame (<3<3).
- Other than the regular songs, these were chosen today: I Like It, Hanasanaide Ai, You and GOLD
I flailed like mad when they announced that they were going to sing GOLD, since it's my favorite song of all time (oh Kame, you're just amazing. First Mercury, now GOLD. *huggles her gayish little cutiepie*), but when they actually started singing it, I was like, "that's it?" I don't know, I think they're all tired, because I missed the fire, the sparkles, the power that they had in other GOLD performances.
During Hanasanaide Ai, Kame took the video cam and started filming everyone. As expected, the crowd went wild when he filmed Jin up close, and I lol'ed when he was filming Maru's crotch (Kame's still that horny little bastard from May 18 XD) and suddenly Ueda popped up on the screen.
At some point, Jin and Kame stopped singing at the same time (like, they expected that the other one would continue to sing instead), which resulted in sending confused looks at each other plus an instrumental version of "You". XD
- The guest for today was Takaki Yuya. Together with Kame, they sang Mayo-? Maya-? Mayonaka no-? Erm, you know, that song the guest sings at every con? XD
But Kame actually didn't know the lyrics, so first he tried reading them on the screens. Unfortunately, he couldn't see them from where he was standing on the stage, so instead he just looked cute and tried dancing together with the juniors (which also failed).
- Maru didn't jump. He was hanging RIGHT ABOVE US and kept looking down into the audience. The poor guy still really looked scared, so I forgave him that he didn't jump. *laughs* Besides, I think I would've died from a heart attack if he would've jumped, 'cuz seeing him dangling right above you, looking ready to jump, isn't really a relaxing moment, lol.
- During "Water Dance", Jin made the wrong dance move, apparently. =D (I didn't notice it, but Sere-chan did ^^)
Sere-chan's comment on that: "or maybe it wasnt a mistake, he just wanted kame to bump into him" XD
(Oh, how I love late-night Akame fangirling)
- During the Kokame fanservice, Jin looked pissed again. XD (Sere-chan thought so too, btw) Oh, but Kokame didn't try to kiss this time. They were being innocent today, lol.
- All members looked really tired, and their voices -especially Junno's- were getting a bit strained (is that the correct English word? O.o) Poor guys...
- JunDa fanservice! During the "Ueda vs Junno" segment, when they had to pretend to fight, Junno acted out part of Romeo & Juliet, where Romeo takes poison 'cuz he thinks Juliet is dead. XD
- We only had one encore, with two songs: She Said and Peacefuldays.
- At the end of the encore, when Kame was "introducing" all background dancers and these groups had to step forward, Koki always came along with them and pretended to be part of that group, which was so funny and cute. =D
- During the encore, Kame threw his waterbottle in the audience. No, it didn't land close to me again (damn it XD), but he DID throw it in the Arena A-Block (where we were sitting too). =DD
- At the end, Kame said "NIKA-CHAN" during the encore. XDDDD I was like "Huh? HUH?! O_O Hm.. I probably heard wrong..", but he actually did say it. XD
Before you get jealous: Apparently it's also the nickname of a member of Kis-My-Ft2. ^_^ (I didn't know that, so I was *shocked* like hell, rofl)
The "Nika-chan" sounded so cuuuuuuuuuuuute. *laughs*

Random Nika rant:

I fell in love with Koki today. XD Seriously, that guy really notices his fans (not unlike some other people *cough*Jin*cough*). Sere-chan and I had brought our customized uchiwa along (mine said "From Europe" in Japanese, and on the back it had the kanji for "Kame" XD; Sere-chan's uchiwa said "From Germany" and "Jin" on the back), and because we're caucasian and blond, we were "kinda" noticeable in the arena. XD
So ten minutes after the con had started, Koki passes by on the main stage, looks at us, stops, looks at our uchiwas, walks really slowly towards the side of the stage and actually READS what was on our uchiwa. Such a sweetie pie~ *giggles*
During the entire concert, he was at our side, so he was always looking in our direction, lol! Well, it wasn't probably at *us* specifically, but it was still sweet. ^_^
Oh, and at the encore, during "Peacefuldays", Koki kept motioning us to sing along the "K-A-T-T-U-N" part (which we did, of course XD), and after that, he bowed at us. ^_^
Gaaaah, Koki, I love youuuuu~! *sheepish grin*

Hmm.. I originally wanted to write a short report, but it turned out to be the longest one I've written so far, lol. I'll just blame it on the sugar today. 

Stay tuned for the next report tomorrow~ *chu!*

P.S. Akame: Sere-chan and I just might be seeing things, but to us, it looked like Jin and Kame were always waiting for each other at the aisle (not the marriage aisle, you idiots! =p The aisle to go from the main stage to the middle one), but then one of them walked faster so it wouldn't be THAT noticeable. =D
Yes, we have trained eyes. XD (Or we're just plain crazy)


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