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{icons} PV &CKT screencaps, old graphics

Way to kill boredom? Edit photos!!!

1.I already made dozens so i think it's time to share them. :P The photos are screencaps I did from KAT-TUN PVS (One Drop, Signal and Rescue) and Cartoon KAT-TUN episodes


I'll really appreciate if you leave comments.
Please credit if you're using. :)


2. My old graphic are also UP for grabs. comment and credit of taking. Pardon if they're not that nice okay?

3.I already poster this before in my journal but now I'm sharing it to every one. AKAME mousie story!!!
btw,so you won't be confused on who's who between the two mousies...

this is KAME: the white one with a pink tummy
this is JIN:the pink one with a white tummy

Want to read AKAME Mousie story?

Tags: graphics: icons

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