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updates first, since i'm sure you guys are dying to know. (or maybe it's just me... OTL)

kame chose hanasanaide ai (randomly happy because my sources and my gut were correct), gold, you and i like it.

guests tonight were takaki yuuya and tamamori yuuta. kame sang that mayo-something song they always sing with them. :)

maru didn't jump. he didn't use the coupon thingy either. oh maru you FAIL. XD

apparently koki retired his dragonball costume and was in regular SR uniform like the rest. not sure about this one, though.

edit (again):
and apparently (don't say i didn't warn you; i bolded, italicized and underlined it) all the members's corners i.e. the part where they get to choose their setlist will be in the appendix of the dvd.

so yay there's dvd. and YAY WE GET TO SEE AKAME MURASAKI ACTION. life is good. :D

then again, this is not confirmed; don't kill me if things don't turn out that way. *dodges tomatoes* let's keep our fingers (and toes) crossed. :X

edit (yet again):
i'm sure you guys already find me annoying lol

but anyway, kame was filming during hanasanaide ai, and he kept filming maru's crotch. he did it normally for the rest of the members. ROFL

concerts for tomorrow and the day after will be planned by all of KT.

okay i promise there's no more. OTL

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