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i`m new here ... i`m a fans of KAT-TUN and kinki kids ....
ano... it`s my new journal but i always visit KAT-TUN LOVE journal when i don`t have my own journal .... i love to see fan fic and fan art here i love chibi`s fan art ...
and i want to make friend with all kat-tun lovers .... haha ...
and please teach me to use this live journal because i`m new and baka to use live journal need some one can teach me ....

and if some one can teach me to draw the real person lips i want to know i need it for my school project i draw jinjin =D... just his lips i can`t draw ...waaa baka me...

hope i can made good friendship with the same KAT-TUN lovers.... =D
yoroshiku ... =D
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