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[MOD] Album/Single Uploads

(aka: mod!Angel is more than a bit scatterbrained:P)

About the Album/Single uploads
Albums: No uploads UNTIL the release date.
Singles: No delay.

So from now on, no uploading the full album rips until the listed release date. Singles are free for all, but I would like to remind you that it gets annoying as hell to see a million posts of the same exact uploads, so try and keep it down before we go to master posts for those as well. None of us want that, I'm pretty sure.

♥ uploading two or three songs from the album, then the next day upload a couple different ones, etc. until all the tracks are listed.
♥ checking to see what songs someone else posted and then posting different songs, again, until all of the tracks are uploaded.
♥ taking advantage of any of the other thousands of loopholes I'm sure you guys could find if you wanted. I will be keeping an eye out -.-

Now, I know I had said that I was trying to think of a compromise, but as a good couple of you pointed out, I made the poll the way I did, so I should respect the results as they are. And you guys are right:P so there ya go. No more mod tampering, lol.

I haven't added this to the rules yet, but I will try to do that in the next couple days. In the meantime, to the people that wanted this rule: Congrats~. To those who didn't: ...I'm sorry? :S Nothing I can/will do. Maybe you can try to get the rule changed back with the next album release, but for now I/We expect all of you to follow the communities rules, whether you approve of them or not.


damn, and this right after I was complaining that all I get to do is make mod posts :(

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