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Hey guys...I was youtubing and I thought it was pretty cool that KAT-TUN went on Music Station this week and last week...

What I thought was even cooler was that last time Kame wore glasses and this time Jin did :D

And then I thought the glasses were kinda similar...

I highly doubt that the glasses are the same, but they looked really similar to me at first! What do you guys think??

Video one: Music Station 11/21/08 [Kame glasses] @ around 3:25 ish

Video two: Music Station 11/28/08 [Jin glasses] @ around 1:28 ish

Or, you can just say who looks hotter in glasses ;)

(Mods, a) please delete if not allowed, and sorry!! and b) also many apologies if I tagged this wrong.)

Edit: I also noticed right after posting this (as was mentioned to me) that Koki wears pretty much the same glasses in the PV...sigh, nvm T___T hahaha
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