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September Tears 1/? (on-going one-shot)

Title: September Tears (On-going one-shot)
Author: xlolitsnozomix
Pairing: Akame
Rating: R
Genre: angst, angst, angst, romance
Summary: Four years away from the Jimusho...Kame has never been lonelier in his life.
Warnings: LOTS OF ANGSTTTTT, more angst?, perhaps an unhappy ending, bad writing because i havent written for 2 months +

A/N: wassup guys?! My comeback fic. It's gunna be a LONGGGGGGGGG one-shot that im still writing but im just getting the first part up for some feedback ^___~ I've been gone wayyy too long, it feels like :x i miss Kat-tun and JE and fandom stuff. But mostly, I miss writing!! SOOO SO MUCH :| so here i am, tossing another one-shot in ur face XD more announcements and updates coming up within this week, i promise. I'll try my best.
enjoy, loves~~

Of course, the reunion was huge, a bunch of fully grown men breaking down in tears—honestly, it was a sight to see.

Tags: archive: fanfiction one-shots

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