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Signal "How-to-Dance" video [Update]

Hey everyone!

I wish I could come to you with the Signal "how-to-dance" video, but sadly I dont have it yet.
I know it's been a very long time since I've finished DUES and since I promised I would do Signal so I should have it done, but I do have a slight problem.

The PV, the Making Of, and the Concert Performance I have looked at dont show the dance moves too well so Im kind of in a pinch.

I will try my best, but please be patient.

If you can provide another performance of Signal or your own oppinion of the dance steps, please do comment.

I have made a new LiveJournal specifically for this project, you can see it here:
This LJ will have updates and the actual videos up so please check back often.
I will also make a new YouTube account, but I will get that up later.
Tags: fanworks: video

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