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CD shops in Hokkaido

Hi everyone, i'll be going to Hokkaido next week and i'm thinking of getting the White X'mas(the limited version one) there so does anyone know if there'll be any cd shops that'll probably sell it? And any shops selling JE stuff?

These are the places that i'll be visiting:
- Nagoya Airport (to take domestic flight)
- Rusutsu Resort
- Susukino
- Sapporo Station Shopping Arcade (including Daimaru)
- Chitose Factory outlet mall Rera

BTW, does anyone know where to get the magazines(wink-up, potato, duet, myojo etc)? Do they sell those in convenience stores or bookstores only?
Oh and do the limited edition singles get sold out real fast all the time in cd shops in japan? Cause i'm worried it'll no longer be on sale by then. I'll reach japan one th 3rd DEC and leave on 8th DEC.

Thanks in advance! XD
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