Marielizangela (marielizangela) wrote in kattunlove,

DRIVE: X-Mas [One-Shot]

Real Title: ???????? (i fail at titles)
Pairing: AKAME
Type: Drama, Romance
A/N: Basically, i can't make a quick summary without giving so much away, so i offer a preview instead:)

PREVIEW: Jin sat still in his car, his hand on the gear shift. His nerves wouldn't find the movements needed for him to push towards drive, and his foot just couldn't step on the gas. He stared out the window, the snow falling furiously around him. He looked up at the house he was about to leave. He thought of the person inside the house, the only person whom he had cared about, the only person whom he had loved. Tears started to fall down on his face, he broke down and crouched down so his forehead rested on the steering wheel.

--> To continue to the story click here @ marielizangela
Tags: archive: fanfiction one-shots

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