❤ whAteVer,,,,,,,, (izzati_good) wrote in kattunlove,
❤ whAteVer,,,,,,,,

to all malaysian

plz vote for kat-tun at poprainbow...
make our dream come true...

"vote for ur idol from Jr Entertainment as I (poprainbow) already propose to them to make the J-pop
concert in August/September ...state up is the list of artist that have permission from Jr to make the
concert in Malaysia and make ur dream come true..!"

those who is not malaysian also can vote...
especially from asia..
common vote everyone that loves kat-tun <3

if kat-tun win this poll maybe they will doing concert at malaysia next year..
if u have not  vote yet...
pls vote at here..
u need to register first..

after u had register go too feedback&suggestion section to vote...
plz2 vote we need to beat arashi

Tags: discussion: fandom info

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