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{Fic} I Love You In Secret


This fic is for akam3lov3 for her birthday that was back in June....Sad that it's only debuting now. However, I wanted the fiction to be COMPLETELY COMPLETE before I posted it anywhere since I'm terrible with continuing my chaptered fictions.

This fiction was also written with a song played in mind, please feel free to download here: Who Would've Thought - Dareen Haynes
I believe that this song fully helped me set the mood for the ENTIRE fic! I hope you will enjoy it as much as I have.

This was a request by akam3lov3 as she LOVES Akame...hense her name...but she also loves Nakame as much.
So, she demanded a fic to express many emotions and this is what I was able to protray. I hope you will enjoy as I believe this is my best written piece yet

Title: I love you in secret...
Author: beat_box_lover aka sadaoru
Pairing: Akame, Nakame and Kokunno
Chapters: 1-7 [END]
Rating: First few chapters are PG-13 but Chapters 5-7 are NC-17
Flames: Nope
Summary: Jin leaves to LA. Kame waits for Jin's return but Nakamaru loves Kame secretly. What will happen when Kame finds out about Nakamaru's feelings. Better still, what happens when Jin finds out?
Author's Notes: Yes! It's another "Jin leaves for LA story". However, again I am quite proud of the completed works of this fiction so I suggest that if you have ever read anything of mine this piece will not dissappoint you. Also, a special thanks to tierasa for the wonderful beta job!



Tags: fanfiction: masterlists

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