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Akame pic spam

Hello :) I wonder if anyone still remembers me XD Anyway, i am back with another pic spam. This time the theme is "eyes" as they are the mirror to one´s soul and my favorite part of one´s face. The pic spam is in two parts, one for Kame and the other for Jinny. Were you really expecting anyone else from me? Somehow, though, the pic spam turned out strangely- in half of the pictures, Kame has this "rape me" look and Jinny his "I´m the king of the world look".....or both of them just looking irresistibly sexy XDXD
I hope you don´t mind me comments....i just couldn´t help myself XD
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Lastly, Happy birthday to you, Putri, (</a></b></a>akame_hime ) and this is one of my presents for you :)
A little preview of the pics:


The pics (about 100 for both separately) can be found here: Jin, Kame or at my lj eragon22 
I hope you enjoy them and remember to leave a comment :)

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