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Please don't forget me

Title: Please don't forget me. Chapter 1
Pairing: Akame
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Akanishi Jin and Kamenashi Kazuya are best friends and together, they own the largest company in the country; Akame Corporations. Jin has feelings for Kame, but he never told him, and so Kame thought Jin never liked him and thus married a woman, hoping that this would help him put away his feelings for Jin. A car accident happened when Jin was driving Kame home one night and when Kame awoke from coma, he realised that he had lost his memories. Will the two have a chance to get together? Or will fate pull them further away from each other?
Author's message: I haven't written any stories in 2 months and I hope I haven't rusted much. I have stopped updating the previous fic and deleted it altogether because I realised I haven't got the inspiration to continue, so I thought starting a new one would be good. :D I wish all of you will show me your support! Hope you enjoy reading this chapter!

(Chapter ONE)
Tags: fanfiction: masterlists

  • [graphics] icons & wallpapers

    icons: 【15】Kamenashi Kazuya. 【15】Ueda Tatsuya. 【15】Nakamaru Yuichi. 【05】 KAT-TUN. pc wallpapers: 【02】Kamenashi Kazuya. 【02】Ueda Tatsuya.…


    icons: 【15】Kamenashi Kazuya. 【15】Ueda Tatsuya. 【15】Nakamaru Yuichi. 【05】KAT-TUN. wallpapers: 【02】KAT-TUN. HERE @ MY LJ


    Kamenashi Kazuya: 【 55】icons. 【 04】wallpapers. HERE @ MY LJ

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