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yay drabbles :D

title: my boyfriend's friend
pairing: kame/yuu
genre: smut
disclaimer: no owning.
summary: yuu is the only one in jin and yamapi's circle of friends that kame has not yet "sampled." kame decides to change this.

note: written for the JE rare pair anonymeme here. and there is implied pin.

( Maybe it was the lighting, but he looked extremely fuckable tonight.  )

title: afraid
pairing: akame
disclaimer: no owning.
summary: Jin had a freak accident and is scared that kame is going to leave him.

(The day the bandages came off was a nerve-wracking one for both of them.  )

title: stay
pairing: akame
disclaimer: no owning.
summary: kame want to leave and jin asks him to stay

( You're leaving. )

comments are <3

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