Mandy -Dominic- Graham (mastrmanipul8r) wrote in kattunlove,
Mandy -Dominic- Graham

One-Shot Fic: Of Lovers in Stilettos

Title: Of Lovers in Stilettos

Author: Mastrmanipul8r

Pairing: Akame

Rating: NC-17

Summary: “His “partying” came in the form of a hotel room, the exact same room ordered every Saturday. And every Saturday she would come, always diligently on time.”

Disclaimer: Don’t own them, I’m just the voyeur in their closet.

A/N: Girl!Kame ahead! (Wow, Girl!Kame’s been super popular lately…I LOVE IT!) Oh, and a bit of a fetish theme can be seen. I do believe there is a fetish revolving around having smex with one or more piece of article of clothing on. Can’t remember the name right now, but this is loosely based off of it.

P.S. X-posted in other communities.

Of Lovers in Stilettos -- Douzo~!!!

Tags: archive: fanfiction one-shots

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