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AKANISHI JIN being suspect is keeping drug? o.0

This is an article i found in a newspaper in Singapore...
in the newspaper from "MY PAPER" and i scan it for the reference.
i know it is not true because i believe jin wont do that.
anyway i just want to share even it not a good comment.

it stated that jin is suspect to be involve in keeping drug as the police
found 0.7g of drug in a tennis player and 22yr old ex AV girlfriend's apartment (sorry i
dunno their english name. 宫尾祥慈 n 幸田梨纱) last wednesday and the tennis player 
admit that he sniff the drug every night.

jin, pi, ryo, yu and 宫尾祥慈(tennis player) like to hang around in one of the bar
in tokyo every night and even form a group call "AKANISHI group", so they
have very good relation.

now, 宫尾祥慈 n 幸田梨纱's friends are listed in the suspect list of having drug.
This make akanishi jin more suspicious. Even Koki who has dated the ex AV girl
is also in the suspect list.

A/N: gomen! not very good in translation but just wish to let all of the fans know what happen.
me too hope that jin will not be affected by this incident.
Tags: member (former): akanishi jin, news & info: rumours, translations

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