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Favorite TV Appearance?

Hey guys...

just curious,
beside the concerts, PVs, and making offs that coming along on CD or DVD,

what is your favorite TV appearance of KAT-TUN?
either alone, some or all of them
for talk segments, performances, quizzes, or else
from the old time to the recent one
and if it is including on a weekly or monthly or timely basis, please point which episode
also, the reason

well, mine would be

- segment of Minna No Terebi where they had quiz with question created by ladies from Showa period (forget the date of the show, but i believe this segment last for more than one episode..)
--> they are so clueless with the answer!! and it makes the show really funny. Watch out for their hilarious answer for the question about "what is JJ stands out from?"

- Cartoon KAT-TUN Okinawa Special (2007.08.09, 2007.09.15, 2007.09.12)
--> well, who would say no watching their favorite boys act playing around like a group of children? obviously, not me. Love esp when they started telling scary story

so, what's yours?
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