Harle (our_scars) wrote in kattunlove,

I had the feeling that he was a little taller

I was reading luvjin's blog (with google's online translator, of course XD) and I found something that caught my attention:


It says that his height is 1,78 mts.

So it seems that he grew up 2 cms O.O

First, I want to say thanks to all of you who posted a comment :3 And also to those who took the time to translate that entry <3<3<3
Second and last: I got this reply from someone at soompi:
  • GInoru: Yup smile.gif That new measure came out soon after Jin came back from the usa (way over a year now smile.gif ) Even though bakaJin said in a magazine recently he was still 1.76 XD and that one of his wishes is to grew a bit LOL  [Our_scars: I do that myself, so I understand him XD I always say I'm shorter than I really am. That's because I used to be 1.60 for a long time and then I grew up a little bit more]

    Luvjin is a great place to get info and she has done a great job collecting all the measures and info we have had updated in this year smile.gif

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