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[fic] value meal and akame project!!

Title: Value Meal
Pairing: Akame
Length: Drabble
Genre: Crack, fluff I think XD
Summary: P*nis is the best value meal ever!!
A/N: so… I hope you’ll like it !! it’s short though.. but very informative !! XD.
hm. if you want to see my fics: check out my journal!! i don't really post fics here so yeah, just visit my journal if you like. i've updated everything and has a lot of fics there, so i hope you can visit it!! XD POST will be F-locked in 2 days!

and yesh.. there's this project i'm making it's an "AKAME ADOPT ME PROJECT"

for a teaser:

(click the picture to adopt!)
Tags: archive: fanfiction drabbles, graphics: other

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