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fic dump and wallpapers :D

title: goodbye
pairing: akame
genre: mild angst?
disclaimer: no owning.
summary: kame leaves

just a short drabble

title: untitled
pairing: hayaryu
genre: angst?
disclaimer: no owning.
summary: hayato doesn't care about anything or anyone. or so he tries to tell himself.

note: because i suddenly started watching gokusen again.

another short drabble

title: long, slow kisses
pairing: akame
genre: fluff. i guess.
disclaimer: are you kidding? johnny'd sue me.
summary: jin doesn't think he's the most important thing in kame's life anymore, and kame decides to change that.

note: title taken from Jeff Bates' Long, Slow Kisses. it started off inspired by that but i left it half done for too long and it ended up... like this.

"Kame... I just don't feel like I'm the most important thing in your life anymore." Lower lip trembling, Jin looked at Kame with tear-brightened eyes. "Have fun with Nakamaru."

comments are love <3

also, i have wallies. :D
i've never posted any of my photoshopping attempts up before so go easy on me okay?

go here for pretty pictures

that's all folks. whoa i feel so accomplished suddenly. :D
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