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The look-alike trend

Hello, long time no post 8D

Recently, I have seen a plethora of "ZOMG SO-AND-SO RESEMBLES SUCH-AND-SUCH IN THIS WAY" posts. As interesting and hilarious I find them, it made me think; why are we limiting ourselves? It struck me that it would be entertaining to open up to discussion and purview where everyone might see one of the members (in the same manner that everything I think I see becomes a tootsie roll to me 8DDDDD EEEYYYE CAAANNNDDYYYYYYY)

Right. So, if this is allowed, I would enjoy being spammed with pic comparisons, for myself and for the general "LOL OMG IT'S TRUUUUUE" factor for everyone else.

Sooo. There have been many a' time where I've watched dramas/scanned through photo albums/been dragged to a website and had my face shoved into the computer monitor with my friend saying "LOOK AND FEEL ENLIGHTENMENT SEEP THROUGH YOUR BRAAAAIINCEEELLLLZZZZZ" and found myself face-to-face with someone who stole the face of one of the members. However, none have struck me quite so magnificently and gut-wrenchingly as this example here.

Observe: here we have Kame for reference:
Mmmm, smirk-tastic. Yum.

And here is his evil female twin. No really, she's evil--it's part of the script!
Here's another shot for better comparison.

Obviously, this comparison is my personal opinion, possibly brought on by a.) being sleepy, b.) having too little blood in my chocolate system, and c.) playing certain, horribly addictive songs on repeat (QUEEN OF PIRATES LIKES TO LIVE IN BRAINS). The reality is up to your imagination.

Douzo, spam me kudasai ♥
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