Luna (artemisgoddess) wrote in kattunlove,

KAT-TUN fanfic: Election

Title: Election
Fandom: KAT-TUN
Pairing: Akame
Genre: Humor, Crack, Romance
Word Count: 8753
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Johnny-sama has already conquered the Japanese Entertainment Industry. Why not aim for the American presidential election next?
A/N: I'm not going to claim I don't have an agenda posting this ( ' v ' ). But I'm posting it purposefully after most people in my time zone have already voted, but before the results are in, so that it's seen as just a satire. My own political views, while abundantly clear in the story, are not being pushed onto you.

I wrote the entire thing today, so as to post it in a timely manner. Forgive my mistakes? :D;

( cast a ballot? )
Tags: archive: fanfiction one-shots

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