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Kame and Jin

Hello Everyone. How are you guys doing?

Today I have an old stuffs that I have posted them before. I wanted to post them again in case anyone didn't get to see them.
And also I will be taking it out from the dowloand links which mean, you won't be able to download them anymore.

I just wanted to give one more chance for people who didn't get to see them yet  and  give more time to people who didn't get to download them also.
It may not be interested for some of you since it's not a very new pictures but I just wanted to give a chance to some people who didn't really have much of Kame and Jin Pics.

I will delete them on November 15, 2008 which is about two weeks from today.

These are their slideshows which I had made them myself. These are the pictures of Kame and Jin. If you want to make any requests of the pictures, you can still request them. Just leave a request on this post.

Kamenashi Kazuya (I still have one more slideshow of Kame that I posted before, You can still download another one. I will be deleting the first one that I have posted only)

Akanishi Jin

If you're going to take them please leave me a comment.
If you want to post them somewhere else, credit me also.

Thank You.
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