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[MOD] Reminder, and about the chatroom...

Ok, I've been a bad mod lately, and haven't been advertising the mod search very much, so even though I WAS gonna close it today, I'm extending it until Sunday night/Monday morning. A lot of people have applied, but yeah...^_^;;


also, in case you missed it, yes, I went and made a chatroom^_^;;
general rules:
Pretty much the same as the comm rules, except OT is ok, lol. try to watch your language, no bashing, etc.

When you first go to the page:
The chat automatically gives you a random name. In order to change it, just click on it, lol.
Please use your livejournal screen name. This makes it easier for you to know who to friend on here<3
People with silver icons next to their name = chat mods
gold icon = klove/chat mods


hope you guys enjoy:)

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