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Oneshot: The Hahaha in Halloween

Title: The Hahaha in Halloween
Rating: PG-15?
Pairing: Nishikido Ryo/Ueda Tatsuya (...barely)
Summary: Due to an unfortunate incident brought about by letting Ueda top, Ryo comes in to work the next day wearing an eye patch and has a hell of a time dealing with the lameass Halloween jokes that come with it.
Disclaimer: This is fo realz. And toilets can fly.
Notes: Lam3 attempt at crack for ravyn_ashling and grunhilda because they are partly to blame for this. (Don't blame any of us for the title though. IT'S GOOGLE'S FAULT! DX)

{ “Is it really so wrong to want to fit in with KAT-TUN?” }
Tags: archive: fanfiction one-shots

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