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[CON REPORT] Prelude to QoP concert report - August 5

("prelude", because this doesn't contain the whole report yet)

Hey everyone!

I just came back from the concert like, 5 minutes ago, but I already wanted to share THE NEWS (unintended pun xD):

2 words that made several fangirls literally faint. (really, they had to be carried away by the security! >_<"):




Yamashita Tomohisa.

Yup, he was today's special guest. ^________^
Oh God, I still can't believe I've seen him live, about 20 metres away from me!

Okay, I promise to post both the August 3 and August 5 concert reports today or tomorrow, but right now I can't get any coherent word out of my mouth because Kame remembered me. Kame-f*ucking-nashi Kazuya. The Johnny Depp Turtle. Remembered me.
I swear, my hands are still shaking and I'm crying while typing this.
But you're probably not interested in that. ^^

So~ Please expect two concert reports from me today or tomorrow. ^^
And I will update this particular post, because I don't want to spam everyone here. ^_^

Okay, talk to you later! *spazzes about Kame's stare and grin, Pi's presence and Jin's smirk at both Jenny and me*

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