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Cartoon KAT-TUN #67 *edited*

YAY!  Here's today's Cartoon KAT-TUN!!  Weird that no one has uploaded it yet, but since my internet has been really good today, I've decided to make this my first contribution to this lovely comm.  Follow the cut for the download links!! 

Sorry I don't know how to make screencaps, I'm a newb at this sort of thing.  But this was a really fun episode and it's worth the wait.  We get to see AT-TN torture poor AD's Kame and Ueda.  Akakame moments, the Ikemen AD-san using fangirl terms, and just all around Member Ai KAT-TUN style.  I especially loved the very end of the video, a very cute KameDa moment!!  Hope you lovelies enjoy this as much as I did!

Full Episode MU
MU Mirror link
MF Links: 01 02 03
MU Mirror Links: 01 02 03

The MF and MU split links are interchangeable, so you can mix and match the links when joining.
I downloaded this from veoh, so credits to kachapin-san from veoh!
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