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Jin to voice act in the Japanese dub of Speed Racer

It's been announced that Jin is voicing the part of Speed Racer in the Japanese dub of the live-action movie.

ETA: Translation, thanks to devilayu:

Akanishi debuts as "lead" voice actor! For American film "Speed Racer"

It was learned on (May) 12 that KAT-TUN's Akanishi Jin (23) would make his seiyuu (voice actor) debut. He will voice the lead role of Speed Racer for the Japanese dub of American film "Speed Racer" (opening July 5).

The film is based on Japanese anime "Mach GoGoGo" and is being remade as a live action film by the makers of the "Matrix" trilogy, the Wachowski brothers. The protagonist is played by American actor Emile Hirsch (23), and an international cast includes Sanada Hiroyuki (47) of Japan and Rain (25) of Korea.

Akanishi will be challenged with his highly anticipated, first role as seiyuu. Due to his success in doing last year's drama series "Yuukan Club," he is reliable in stepping up. On the production side it is said he was promoted because, "His personality has endless energy & potential, he's perfect for the lead role of the driver image."

Akanishi said, "There's a lot of pressure for me my first time out because it's by the directors of 'The Matrix.' I was able to watch the movie and I am honored to be part of such an entertaining piece of work." Please look forward to the dub.

Congratulations to him!!
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