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[Videos] KAT-TUN Ero-ero dances (with a dash of Takki)

Akame in shiny red pants/shirt and black wispy see-through tops, and Tackey in sparkly black. What's up with the moans and pants in the background? Lol! Sometime between 2002-2003? Dunno...(1m42secs)

Akame in white and Tackey in the same outfit as above, I think. Possibly same era. (16secs)

Possibly part two of the second one above? 'Coz they were wearing the same white pants, but they're topless here. And Jin(?) does his ultimate seme move, while Junno(????)does the uke stance. Bwahahahaha!
I can't really identify the faces clearly. ROFL! And what were they wearing on their hands, anyway? Looks like potholders. ^^;;; (56secs)

Didn't bother uploading the latest Akame ero-ero from DB, since I figured everybody's got it, anyway. ^_^
Please comment if downloading. Thanks.

EDIT: Uploaded it anyway. Heh. Akame ero-ero from DB here: (NOT-so-clear version, 17secs)
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