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Jin wallpaper

I've been posting every day!
maybe i should just save what i do till the end of the week and just post like 5 wallpapers at once. hm. x]

Well, i made a Jin one this time.

yay! :)

AHHH i'm sorry! I forgot to credit!
Um, i'll try to re-find as many people as i can, but if i don't, feel free to tell me. And i hope it's okay that i used the icons. If not... i'll take them out and replace them or something. :)
and the wonderful people who made those icons:

ravyn_ashling: the red and yellow spiral icon! :) thank you!

marlenem: sixth icon! thank you! :)

heartilly: for the second and fifth icons! :)

paako: the eighth icon of jin! :)

keki_tabetai: for the jin-in-glasses icon and the fourth icon :D

shrew_ish for the ninth icon

comment please! They make me so happy!

This is an alternate CD cover i made (i know, it's not good... T.T)
and then i realized how hard cover-making really was.
So i was like, "wow. those cover-designing people really have a hard job. :/"

and then i went off to watch 1 Pound no Fukuin. fun fun. x]
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