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Finally! after two years of LONG waiting, jin's the main star of a new drama!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm in tears!!!!! JIN~~~~~~~~

 sorry i was too excited so here's the full info

the drama is originate from a popular manga [有閑倶楽部(Yuukan Club)] which is about 6 high school students whoes also the student government, started a club called Yuukan club which means "have free time club".
here's the manga's official site [SITE]

Jin's Character is 松竹梅 魅録(Shouchikuba Miroku) He's father is a high offcial in the police force(like Odagiri Ryuu) but he's into motobike and rock'n'roll. he's vice president of the club in the manga, but in the drama i believe they made him the president and the main character. 178 cm tall Blood type is A. Have PINK spiky hair(err?) he's the only one out of 6 of them who wear tshirts and stuff that's high school like!

there'll be lots of action and motobike scene and interaction with other 5 members.(don't think there's romance but for drama they changed alot so i don't know)
other characters

p.s btw all the member's last name is a kind of sake(rice wine)

剣菱 悠理(kenbishi Yuuri) sports person, eats alot and with a strong 6th sense. she's always with miroku cause they are ROCK'N'ROLL pals, she's ONLY popluar inbetween GIRLS even though she's pretty.

菊正宗 清四郎(kikumasamune Seishiro) the head of the club, and president of student government(in the manga). MR.PERFECT, smart, son of a big hospital owner. He belongs to the GO club, and Ghost study club. He's also great in kenpo(fist fighting skills). He's popluar in GUYS( well the info says homo). Tall 181 cm, LONG flowy black hair, always wearing kimono or traditinal cloth.

白鹿 野梨子 (Hakushika Noriko) Beautiful traditional japanese girl, daughter of a famous japanese artist and her mother is a famous tea ceremony person. She's the one that keeps everyone together. she sucks at sports, and she hates BOYS. She's childhood fridend with Seishiro, they always play go together.

黄桜 可憐(Kizakura Karen) a girl with fabulous style, awesome at cooking. her father passed away long ago, her mother owns a jewlery company. She crys easily.

美童 グランマニエ(Bidou Grandmarnier) father is an ambassador from sweden, mother is Japanese royal family. he think everyone is in love with him, good at sports that girls like, tenis, horse back riding, ski, social dance... but bad at everything else. Long blond hair, blue eyes

err... it'll start filming in september.......

there's 2 other boy and 3 girl........ could be anyone, some say there maybe one more from JE... let's hope...

Jin says in the interview [原作のファンのみなさんの期待を裏切らないよう、原作を読んで感じた明るく楽しいドラマにしていけるように頑張ります。]
(for not disappointing the manga fans, i'll work hard to make the drama into the happy feeling i felt while reading the manga)

here comes pictures
Miroku - Jin's character



[Other Characters]

ok that's it for now........
err... since there's so many people let me use this opportunity to pray for Kame Koki and Yara's DBS SAFE AND SUCCESS(Mostly SAFE...Nothing beats one's safty...) KAME~~~~ I WANT TO SEE DBS

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