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Making it world wide!
November 5th, 2011 
Hi girls!

You can find the first and second episodes of Yokai Ningen Bem spanish hardsubbed at my journal.

I hope you enjoy de drama.


Kame [FLIX]
I made some Kame's wallpaper! :D

[3] Wallpapers


More here~ Douzo! :D
Requests Update Time!

Please remember that all requests for this community have to be made in this master post.

Individual request posts are no longer allowed on this community - unless they come attached with goodies to share.

If you can fulfill a request, please reply to that comment at the master post.
If you have any questions regarding this procedure, please refer to the master post

If you have a request listed here and you are no longer looking for it please comment on the request so that i can take it off the search list.

juniority : Is looking for a download for the March 5th 2006 musical performance on Utawara. Fulfill?

kodaxkoki : Is looking for KAT-TUN or member themes for google chrome. Fulfill?

shiroiamy : Is looking for a translation of the talk between Junno and Ueda in the making of for Going from 19:04 to 19:28. Fulfill?

mihuchan : Is looking for the source of these pictures. Fulfill?

amyknob : Is looking for when Shonen club and other shows of interest come on in Japan. And what channel they would be on in Kansai?. Fulfill?

namira8394 : Is looking for what program is Shounen Club Premium in Astro if you're in Malaysia. Fulfill?

kazujane : Is looking for piano sheet music for eternal. Fulfill?

zerena_kurasaki : Is looking for wallpaper of kat-tun from the change ur world music video. Fulfill?

linh_san : Is looking for Ultimate Wheels into a lossless format, like .FLAC. Fulfill?

daicowingz : Is looking for the fancam of LOVE in BTR concert. Fulfill?

mystical_powers : Is looking for DUES (preferably Kame) Icons. Fulfill?

gardenofsuicide : Is looking for an english subbed version of Koki's The Divorce Syndrome/Rikon Syndrome. Fulfill?

vintageradio : Is looking for the subbed version of their short interview on Mnet Countdown. Fulfill?

cmsgackt : Is looking for where and when this picture is from. Fulfill?

swyrel : Is looking for a ringtone made of just the instrumental/dance part of RESCUE. Fulfill?

 : Is looking for for brief translations for CTKT episode 143,144, and 145. Fulfill?

dead_dimension : Is looking for all of kat-tun pvs raw and HQ. Fulfill?

yaotomesugoi : Is looking for a HQ mp3 of D-T-S. Fulfill?

pinkporca : Is looking for the the subbed version of Shonen Club dated June 11, 2010. Fulfill?

sibylblack : Is looking for the brand/model of Kame's sunglasses. Fulfill?

galuvkat_tun : Is looking for the origin of this picture. Fulfill?

hika_ryuu : If someone has translation for any videos (preferably KAT-TUN as 6-nin), I am willing to sub it. Just drop me a message. I don't mind any kind of video (short clip, full video, etc.) as long as it has translation. Fulfill?

pinkporca : Is looking for the translation of MAQUIA (November 2011 issue). Fulfill?

amyknob : Is looking for translations of magazine articles, or TV programs that deal with Marching J. Fulfill?

That's it for now.   Once again make sure to make requests to this master post.  

I'll be back again next week with more requests!
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