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October 25th, 2011 
Hello!!! :D

I just thought I'd share this rap part from KAT-TUN's White Xmas (Album Version) in BtR ~by you & for you~ with everyone...since I personally think it's awesome. Everywhere I looked, I couldn't find the kanji/romaji for it...nor the translation. So I decided to give it a shot. 

It can be viewed at my livejournal, so please take a look! :D 

It's my first time, so I might be wrong ><" but please enjoy it anyways :D
Title: Operation: Monte Carlo
Rating: PG-13
# of Episodes: 11
Genre: Fiction; Action; Dark Comedy; Drama
Summary: Five special agents hired to protect the Princess of Monaco who is being hunted down by the Yakuza. Along with that, each agent finds some truth about themselves through their personal struggles. Takanori Yuuto (Kamenashi Kazuya), who suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder, struggles to find the truth about his past; Ogawa Shinobu (Taguchi Junnosuke), a newly married man who tries to balance marriage with work; Kawano Ryoichi (Tanaka Koki), a single father trying to move pasted his wife's death; Ishikawa Kazuo (Ueda Tatsuya), an ex-CIA agent whose personal life is a mystery to the rest of the group; and Uchida Daisuke (Nakamaru Yuichi), a man who struggles with work and his relationship with Ishikawa's sister. Will they be able to save the princess from the yakuza? Will their personal lives crumble under the pressure?
More Information: Click Here

Episode List:
  1. Episode 1: Hurt Me
  2. Episode 2: I'll See You In My Dreams
  3. Episode 3: Soul of a Man
  4. Episode 4: Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow
  5. Episode 5: Set Fire to the Third Bar
  6. Episode 6: Never Let Me Go
  7. Episode 7: Little Shadow
  8. Episode 8: Sinister Kid
  9. Episode 9: There's No Home For You Here
  10. Episode 10: Sound of Pulling Heaven Down
  11. Episode 11: The Resolution
Sharing here [35] GIFs that I created from Episode 1 of their KAT-TUN no Zettai Manetakunaru TV with a lot of screaming Maru and munching/eating Kame.


View the rest at art_of_clarity or here : KZM GIFs!
Since Yokai Ningen Bem is an awesome action drama. I was thinking what will suit Kame next? He can do any role... I just hope he'll get one of my dreams anime to be a live action. ^___^

first one: Kaikan Phrase as Sakuya Ookochi... (the girl is from Going!... I don't know her name as Aine)

second: Blade of the Immortal as Anotsu Kagehisa... (Keinichi Matsuyama as Manji, and Suzuka Ohgo as Rin)

third: Darker than Black as Hei... (I can't think of the other characters LOL)


This episode was pretty funny XD
Again, 30 minutes is NOT long enough >_

--> Check it out, yo~ <-- Episode summary + ~71 screencaps

You may want to just wait for the Subbed Video to come out, as reading through the summary will kind of spoil the surprises for you :\

But if you're impatient, or you already watched it and just want a better understanding of it, go check out the summary!
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