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Making it world wide!
August 27th, 2011 
11:50 am - Walls~
I come bringing some 1600x900 walls~
 They are all in this album here
There are 36 and at least one of every member

batting kazu
There are few interviews whereby the boys mentioned that they wanted to act together in a movie/drama. Well, a drama may be a bit far-fetch since they all lead such a busy schedule individually. But a movie is not something impossible right. I mean if Arashi can get a movie, I'm sure KAT-TUN deserves one too (^_^)

But what type of movies suit for our beloved boys? Any particular plot you interested in? How about theme? Love story? Sports? Detective? A movie about gorgeous hosts would be nice isn't it?

Just to start the dicussion rolling, I have a teaser + Graphic for all. A drama cast and simple storyline...*_*

Title : Butai ga oretachi wo matsu (The stage waits for us)
Genre: Comedy, Drama,
Episodes: 12
Broadcast network: TBS
Broadcast period: Summer 2012
Air time: Friday 22:00
Music: Chasing Your Dreams  by KAT-TUN - Opening Theme
Zutto zutto daite by KAT-TUN - Closing Theme
Summary : This is a story about 5 guys struggling to chase their dreams. Dealing with the harsh reality of adulthood while holding thight to their youth. The members of KAT-TUN play five young men working hard to make their dreams come true.

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