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Making it world wide!
July 4th, 2011 
Anna Is this love?
Hello! I want to share some wallies wit Jin Jin. :-)


Number of wallies - [5]

You can see them here: My Lj ;-)
sterling is judging you
Happy Birthday Jin!!! He's 27 now, isn't he!
Here's something I whipped up for this wonderful occasion♥ 

Click the picture or here

Another version for the party people cheeyeaaah!

feel free to use anywhere and for anything like uhhh... idk washing cars? selling puppies?
Since it's July 4 - I made some GIF's that I want to share and also a short fanvid for his birthday.

Kindly go here to view them: BAKANISHI

I had a go at some Jin birthday fanart, if you're interested!

Here's a preview:

The full size version can be found here :)

hello minna :D
it's jin's birthday so i decided to make a fanart :3

this is the preview:

just click the pic or here to see the full version~

thank u :D
hey boy
 Made some chibis for jin's birthday. Sharing!
Happy 27th birthday, Jin Akanishi! 

On to the chibis...
KAME - 離さないで愛
I made a fanvideo for Jin`s birthday~!
I am writing an one-shot AKAME and this video will show you a little part of this fanfic.

Dirty dirty dancer~

F-lock: one week
Hello Hyphens!
I just wanted to let you all know about the WEEKLY KAT-TUN NEWSLETTER from www.kattun-hyphens.com
Every week you'll receive an e-mail with KAT-TUN news and site updates.
You can sign up by clicking the link [HERE]
Thanks for being interested~~

09:13 pm(no subject)

I did some wallpepers for JinJin's birthday. I hope u like it!
Douzo~Collapse )

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