May 13th, 2011

Music Japan reveals line-up for May 15th

Music Japan has just revealed its line-up for May 15th.

This week’s episode seems to focus on groups, as Perfume, KAT-TUN, and more will be appearing to promote their new singles.

Check out the solid line-up beneath the cut!


  • “Kakkowarui I love you!” – French Kiss
  • “Laser Beam” – Perfume
  • “LOVE SONG” – Sandaime J Soul Brothers
  • “Peaceful!” – Peace x Peace

Source: tokyohive
Chinen Yuri

KAT-TUN to perform on Music Station!

KAT-TUN will be performing "WHITE" on Music Station next week (20th May), among many other guests including Perfume, Nishino Kana, Shiina Ringo & Superfly! This will be their first performance after the release of their upcoming "WHITE" single.

Other upcoming performances scheduled include Music Japan (15th May, SUN) & Kamisun! (16th May, MON).

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