April 18th, 2011

Kitty Cat (=^_^=)

KAT-TUN WHITE Pre-orders

Minna as most of you guys already saw the covers and the rest of the tracklist has been revealed!!
The other two unamed tracks have been revealed also....Yuuki no Hana and SILENCE


Since I know many people wait until the covers are revealed for you to purchase your copies....i truly hope that now that we have seen them many of you have decided to purchase them!! Let it be ONE copie or ALL three, in the end we have to remember that our boys need our support more than ever!! So please do concider purchasing a copy/s. We are still looking for people that are kind enough to take pre-orders for others in their countries, we have 14 people (15 including me) that are taking pre-orders!! So please do check out this post here and don't forget to spread the word let it be on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook anywhere you can think of, minna lets work together and make this KAT-TUN's 15th consecutive #1 single...arigatou gozaimasu!!