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Making it world wide!
April 6th, 2011 
12:15 am - Macros [Set5]
Heyaaa! *waves*

I'm back, though only for a short while lol XDDDD I have three more exams to go D: wish me luck ne~

Anyway since these macros have been bugging me ever since Jin made a twitter account, I shall post them nooww~ lol.

Disclaimer: This is made out of boredom and stress at the same time. This is just for entertainment, nothing more, nothing less :)

The macros are right 
here :)

Yesterday we reported the results of the first day of the “Marching J” fundraiser held by talent agency Johnny & Associates on April 1st. Today marked the second day of the event.

Read more... )

Due to the poll results we received, we have decided to POSTPONE it!! –applause-

A Singapore-JE fund raising event.

The reason why we still decide to go ahead with this in the end is because we reckoned that it would be a good platform to unite ALL the JE supporters in SG! <3 If we decide to go ahead with other projects, we might have a problem settling on a location, and/or if we were to collect money for sales of idol stuff, it’s gonna be quite messy with posts appearing everywhere, some payment problems, etc.


Thus, I shall present you with the REVISED DETAILS of the Race!

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