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Making it world wide!
April 5th, 2011 

i found this videos around and i feel like posting them here since they are really fun to watch and i love how it is being done. it makes me wanna love my favorite JE group even more and seeing them simply lights up my day.

here... )
[Kame] fingers~
Finally finished kuchisake!Kame. Don't know what Kuchisake is? Click on the preview to find out :D
Warning for gore, I suppose. And don't look if you like Kame's face unharmed >:

i have compiled the music videos for all 14 of kat-tun's singles and uploaded them :)
all of kat-tun's single mv's up to ultimate wheels here!
10:32 pm - icons & psd~
i made some icons, and one pds~ hope you guys will like them.

{ 2 KoKame, 1 Kame, 1 Koki - 2009.12 Myojo
{ 2 KameDa, 1 Kame, 1 Ueda - 2011. ?. ? i just found this picture
{ 4 Akanishi Jin - 2010.05 Potato
{ 1 Kamenashi


i'm dancing in water )

please credit if use any~
✩ comments are ♥
✩ enjoy~ and come back for more~ :3
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