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March 21st, 2011 
KAT-TUN//Akanishi Jin - adorkable
And now for a post waaaaaay overdue:S

    Most of you have been pretty good about the rules, but we want you all to know what happens when you fail to read/follow the rules set for this community.
      Strike One
    • This is nothing to worry too much about. Everyone makes a mistake here and there, and as long as no other mistakes are made within the following 3 months, this strike is generally taken off (depends on the rule though, and how many rules were broke in that particular post).

      Strike Two
    • This is when you need to go back and re-read the rules.
    • When your post/comment is deleted, you will also receive a warning from one of the mods reminding you that this is your second strike and that you are a step away from being put on Moderated Posting.

      Strike Three (aka: This is where it gets hairy.)
    • Normally, this is where you are put on Moderated posting, BUT, there are some exceptions:
      • If you are warned THREE times for the SAME rule within six months, you will be suspended for at LEAST one month.
      • If you are warned THREE times for the SAME rule within a single month, you will be suspended for at least THREE months.
      • If you are warned THREE times for the SAME rule within 1-2 weeks, you will be banned.

    More information regarding:
      Moderated Posting
    • When you submit a post, it will be entered into the posting queue for one of the mods to review before approving it. Depending on how much of a life we all have at that time, it could take anywhere from a couple hours to a couple DAYS.
    • If, while on Moderated Posting, you once again attempt to post an entry that does not follow the community rules, you will be suspended for a minimum of SIX months.

    • If you are put on suspension, you are still considered a member of the community, BUT you will no longer be able to post until we take you back OFF of suspension.
    • If you are caught posting via a sock puppet journal while on suspension, you will be banned. Permanently.

    • It takes a lot to get banned from kattunlove, but it IS possible.
    • Actions that will get you banned:
      • Posting hate memes
      • Outright bashing of ANYONE
      • Trolling
      • Posting via sock puppet while under suspension
      • Derogatory comments regarding a person's religion, race, gender, etc.
      • Posting pornography
      • Plagiarism
      • Being suspended twice for not following the rules

    Now for the good news:
  1. You ARE allowed to petition us if you think you've been warned wrongly.
    • You can either email us at kattunlove.lj@gmail.com or send one of a message via LJ explaining why you think you do not deserve whatever action was taken against you. We will review it and get back to you as soon as we can.
    • This is common sense, but a heads up: when petitioning us, we STRONGLY recommend being civil about it. It's understandable to be pissed off if you think you've been treated wrong, but take a couple deep breaths before shooting that email/message off to us. Cussing at us or questioning our intelligence is NOT the way to get us on your side.
  2. The strikes are NOT permanent.
    • If you have only one strike, and you go for at least 3 months without any further issues, that strike will be removed and you will have a clean slate.
      • Do NOT attempt to abuse this though. We WILL notice a pattern. -.-
    • If you have received TWO warnings, you will have to wait for 6 months from your LATEST warning before the PREVIOUS one is erased.
      • ie:
        warning #1: 3/27/2011
        warning #2: 6/7/2011
        Warning #1 will be erased on 12/7/2011

So there you have it...not so short, or simple, but it's there.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask~ I'll answer them when I wake up:P
KAT-TUN//Nakamaru Yuuichi - Faith
Sorry for the back-to-back mod posts, buuuut:

    With LJ bringing back the "owner" feature, I'm thinking of bring in more help here~

    If you are interested in ANY of the following, please leave a comment here explaining why you think you would be a good choice. ((Comments are screened))

        Duties would include:
      • organizing tags
      • making sure all entries are tagged correctly
      • writing up & maintaining an updated version of this

        Duties would include:
      • Keeping up with the petitions posted here.
      • Posting a weekly list of open petitions.
      • Creating new threads in the petition post (as needed)

        Duties would include:
      • Creating new layouts (or holding a layout contest) on a semi-regular basis (we would like to start changing the layout at least twice per year, more if possible.)
      • Keeping the community profile neat and up to date
      • addressing any layout bugs that come along
      • keeping the sidebar updated with important comm info (ie: layout contest deadlines, latest mod post, etc.)

        Duties would include:
      • keeping the kattunlove twitter updated with the latest important announcements (ie: mod posts, comm activities, album releases, news regarding dramas/movies/etc)
      • answering questions directed at us via @ and/or DM's

      Maintaining Fan Directory
        Duties would include:
      • Keeping the fan directory organized and up to date
      • Linking intro posts to the appropriate Fan Directory entry

      Helping with ANY of these weekly posts:
      • Fanfiction
      • Sales
      • Intro Posts
      • Ads (communities/sites)
      • Requests

        Duties would include:
      • Advertising chat parties.
        • (your choice of time/date, as long as it doesn't
          interfere with someone elses' "party")
      • When in the chatroom, patrol for trolls/trouble makers
      • General keeping the peace

**We actually already have a couple people as "mods" in the chatroom, but it's been a while, and I don't remember who they all are, so um...

Current chat mods:
Remind me who you are? :S

**Nominations will end April 10th**
* chesh
Title: Love is Blind
Author: claireflaire
Pairing: Akame
Chapter Updated: 4

Title: Painful Days & Stormy Nights
Author: lilly0
Pairing: Jin/Ryo, Kame/?
Chapter Updated: 7 & 8

Title: Seekers of the Night
Author: lilly0
Pairing: Akame
Chapter Updated: 4 & 5

Title: Coffee Stain
Author: loveyourself6
Pairing: Akame
Chapter Updated: 4

Title: Con Todo Mi Corazon
Author: nikkimattei
Pairing: Koki/OC
Chapter Updated: 3B

Title: Hide and Seek
Author: yukitsubute
Pairing: Akame
Chapter Updated: 3

Please comment here with any fanfic updates, using this template for chaptered ficsCollapse ) OR this template for oneshots/drabblesCollapse )

I've collected more information on how you can still help Japan by donating to several organizations :

(Here)Collapse )
09:17 pm - "DANCE WITH ME"
Auf der Leipziger Buchmesse habe ich ein ganz tolles Buch gefunden.
"Dance with me" heißt es und ist inspirierte von KAT-TUN, Johnnys und Jin Akanishi.
Es geht zwar nicht direkt um Kat-tun, aber der HAUPTCHARAKTER ist inspiriert von Jin. Manche würden sogar sagen, es ist Jin. *g*

Hier der Link zum Buch:


At the Leipzig Book Fair, I found a really great book.
"Dance with me" it says and is inspired by KAT-TUN, Johnny's and Jin Akanishi.
It's not just around Kat-tun, but the main character is inspired by Jin. Some would even say it is Jin. * g *

Here is the link to the book:

http://s280700199.e-shop.info/shop/category_8/Romane.html?shop_param=cid% 3D% 26
Indonesia, let's have an online party to celebrate 5th Debut Anniversary! 
Come and join us, KAT-TUN Indonesia forum, in this event: 

Online Gathering
Date: March 22nd, 2011
Location: SMILE Thread - KAT-TUN Indonesia
Time: 18:00 till 00:00 (WIB)
Theme: 5 nen Anniversary Omedetou Gozaimasu! (5年 Anniversary おめでとうございます!)

Be there~
Grand prize for game session: KAT-TUN 14th single - Ultimate Wheels / Limited Edition

We also care about JapanCollapse )
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