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Making it world wide!
March 13th, 2011 
krysyuy!kxjtour (krysyuy)
"On Friday March 11, after The 2011 Sendai earthquake and tsunami(Tōhoku Chihō Taiheiyō-oki Jishin) has happened, Johnny’s fans all over the world has been worried about the safety of Johnny’s talents.
The Johnny’s Family Club has already confirmed the safety of everyone.
Thank you for worrying about our artists even in an urgent situation.
We sincerely hope that people who have been effected by this disaster will be able to return back to their normal lives.

Johnny’s Family Club
From all the artists."

Source: Johnny's net - Message HERE in both Japanese and English.

Cross-posted at kt_newsinfo.
Doumo~ :)
just want to sharing this~ :)

[2] Chibi AKame
[6] Chibi Kame
[1] Chibi yucchi
[1] Chibi ueda
[1] Chibi koki
[1] Chibi Junno
[2] Chibi Jin


Here the rest~ ♥
note be yourself
Another video. :) I had already started it before the disaster and after the Kame video. :) This time it's a PV mashup using "Everytime We Touch" by Cashcash (it's a cover of the original Cascada song). :)

Blue Sky Kamera

So some people are unable to donate or physically help those in Japan at the moment, so I was hoping I could get a bunch of people participating in a video I would like to make for the Japanese, to show them that the world is with them and they have all our support, love and prayers.

Info here: Japan Support Video for Tsunami/EarthQuake Disater 2011.03.11
06:23 pm(no subject)
Hi Guys!
       I know that some of us, if the situation permits or if we were just financially stable, would fly to ASAP Japan to help. Thank God, there are still kind-hearted people all over the world ready to help them in anyway they can.
       I was watching Kobe Shimbun no Nanokakan last night and the idea just struck me, "Why not send some words of encouragement instead"? It may not be sure if it would reach them or not, but it's worth a try since Twitter, Facebook and a lot more social sites continues to be a big help to relay information for the days.


      Therefore, if possible, we would just like to ask for everyones' participation. It may be in a form of graphics, letters. It's your call. Just feel free to post anything positive to help ease their pain and anxiety. THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS!! (^_^)// Feel free to spread it the word too.
If there's enough messages posted, let's tweet the site to NHK, Nara-san, Asahi Shimbun and everybody in Twitter, Facebook and in every official sites that you're aware of.

*It's my first time posting, please forgive me if anyone has been offended and if I post this using the wrong tag.

Thanks again! and Minna-san Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu!


I made a video with uplifting Johnny's songs...
I have many friends and relatives in Japan (they are all right)
but I'm recieving messages that they are scared.

Since many of my friends are Johnny's fans, I made a video with encouraging songs...(am I being repetitive?)

Anyways, enjoy...and please continue to pray for JAPAN..

summer pain reminiscence
Hi! I made a bunch of icons featuring KAT-TUN to show fans' support for Japan, as well as some Ultimate Wheels animated icons. Please check them out! ^.^


here @ birdiieee.
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