March 12th, 2011

Lady Gaga Creates Prayer Bracelet to Benefit Disaster Relief in Japan

Hours after the world learned the shocking news about Japan's 8.9 quake and 10-meter tsunami, Lady Gaga launched a movement on Twitter to raise relief funds.

The singer has designed a white and red wristband for fans to purchase in her official online store, according to MTV News, and she says all sales proceeds will benefit victims of the disaster. And the $5 price tag can be voluntarily increased by any buyer wishing to increase the monetary donation.

On Friday, along with a purchase link and photo of the bracelet, Gaga announced to her army of loyal admirers on Twitter, "I Designed a Japan Prayer Bracelet....ALL proceeds will go to Tsunami Relief Efforts. Go Monsters."

'We Pray For Japan' is emblazoned on the accessory, which also features a red hand forming Gaga's famous "monster" claw motion.

Lady Gaga's connection to Japan is a strong one. She got two tattoos there in 2009, including one that reads 'Tokyo Love.' Of her meaningful collaboration with legendary Japanese photographer Araki, she explained at the time, "He did not photograph my image; he photographed my soul."

And she introduced a mysterious alter ego in 2010, male model Jo Calderone (although she hasn't confirmed it was her), posing for a cover of Vogue Hommes Japan in a guy's white shirt and Elvis-style pompadour.

As word of the devastation in Japan spread (including news on Saturday of a magnitude-6 earthquake in the northern city of Fukushima), many celebs have been rallying followers on Twitter to pitch in for Japan tsunami relief, with countless tweets posted pleading for donations to the Red Cross.

The Red Cross urges: "Text REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation to help those affected by the earthquake in Japan and tsunami throughout the Pacific."

By Christine Fenno

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