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March 10th, 2011 
Taguchi Junnosuke will make an appearance on the upcoming drama, “Inu wo Kau to iukoto ~Sky to Wagaya no 180 nichi~“ alongside Nishikio Ryo.

Taguchi, will play Horita Katsuhiko, a doctor and classmate of the main character’s wife (played by Mizukawa Asami).  Read More

In JpopAsia International Music Awards 2010 !!

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GD Cute
Haven't seen this posted anywhere so i thought i'd share..

KAT-TUN have a White Day gift for you by appearing on J-Melo on Monday 14th March  =D (sorry about my delusional way of interpreting this haha)

Source: NHK

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We met Jin in NY during late November last year. Just a few weeks after, he signed a global deal with Warner Music including a US release announcement. He has started pursuing a solo career to move towards a global stage.

read more.

 [MOD] Sales post for MARCH

Heya Everyone,

Sorry for the late post.

This is the Master SALES post for March!! So same as always~


Leave a comment on this post.
Put what you're selling in the subject (EX: Magazines, CD, Posters).
Put the details in the actual comment. Leave an email address, or a link to your lj for people to get in touch with you.

If your sale ends before the next sales post, Reply to your original sales comment with the word 'CLOSED' in the subject.

Any questions? Just ask any of us mods!^_^

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